Most Recent Testimonials:

December 1, 2014

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for being the number one reason for my successful transition back into aviation after little to no flying for the past 12 years. Your support (great simulators, instrument knowledge and overall encouragement and friendship) has allowed me to cross the bridge from a pilot with less than a proficient scan into attaining the best instrument skills I have had in less than 2 months' time.

In an expensive industry such as aviation, where thousands of dollars can and usually is spent quickly in order to gain the proficiency and hours needed to attain a pilot position, Advanced Aviation Simulators has been a breath of very fresh air to me. The money I have spent at your business has paid off dividends better than any stock and the proof is easy to support. I successfully progressed from starting over again in late June 2014 to being hired and now flying for a local company since October thanks to you.

You understand the learning process and all the doubts that infest a typical pilot when self-doubt and a steep learning curve are involved. It's refreshing and not the norm to get much more than you expect. I have and will continue to recommend Advanced Aviation Simulators.

You have been priceless in importance to my transition back into aviation. I will continue to do business with you and think warmly of you as a teacher, ally and overall great friend. You are amazing!

Thank you,

Matt L

June 18, 2014

Dear Lisa,

Hi Lisa,
I just wanted to write to you and thank you for the service you provided me in preparing for Great Lakes in your BE-1900 sim. I was offered the job and training went really well. Showing up for their full motion sim, both myself and my sim partner Logan S, who also worked with you at Advanced Aviation Simulators, did really well and we attributed our success to being well prepared by working with you. We spoke highly of you to our other classmates and will continue to do so for anyone looking to sharpen their instrument skills and get great insight and preparation for any airline interview and training process. I have now been flying the line at Great Lakes for 2 weeks and I love it! Advanced Aviation Simulators was a friendly comfortable environment that gave great one on one tailor made instruction to what I needed. Again, thank you Lisa, I hope your business continues to thrive and I will give positive reviews to all the pilots I know!

Bryce B

March 1, 2007

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for all of your assistance in preparing me for the SkyWest Airline interview. I believe that your willingness to share your professional and personal experiences made it possible for me to secure a class date. I was able to go into the interview with the confidence necessary to set myself apart from the other candidates.

I felt much more prepared for the multitude of questions that were presented to me and I certainly believe the simulator portion of the interview would not have gone as well as it did without your dedicated assistance. After the few hours spent flying your simulators, I was much more comfortable with the situations that were given to me during the interview.

I would highly recommend Advanced Aviation Simulators, Inc. to any professional pilot preparing for an airline interview. You certainly helped me attain the position l desired.


Kara M. Cooper

January 6, 2006

Dear Lisa,

Yesterday I interviewed with Scenic Airlines in Las Vegas. I'm pleased to report that I was offered the job on the spot.

Their interview process consists of a written test, simulator evaluation and a technical/HR interview. Spending time in your simulators proved to be invaluable to my success. In fact, while walking to the conference room for the interview the Chief Pilot asked how I felt I did in the sim. My reply was that I thought I had done fine. He chuchled and said, "Yeah, Tom thought you did fine too."

Thanks to you and your services, my office will soon be the right seat of a Twin Otter.


John Hysom

November 22, 2005

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for the thorough sim prep for my interview with Pinnacle Airlines. I was offered a position and start training in December!

There is no question that the time I spent at Advanced Aviation Simulators helped me land the job. I felt very confident and relaxed during the sim ride.

I enjoy coming to your facility and appreciate all the help you have given me. I look forward to more sim sessions as I prepare for training with Pinnacle Airlines.


Nathan Hanson

December 1, 2004

Dear Lisa and Mat,

Thank you for your time and dedicatino to helping me prepare for my upcoming airline training. The instruction and experience I received on the desktop Elite and the Elite iGATE B-200 simulator was fantastic and invaluable. Your expertise and the high quality of the equipment made my time a very worth while expenditure spent learning with no time wasted. I know that I am exceptionally well prepared for part 121 ground school and sim/flight training after my time at Advanced Aviation Simulators. I would recommend to anyone who is expecting an airline interview or class date that they contact you and trainn immediately. i can't think of any other service that is more cost-effective or that offers the caliber of training that you do. I can't thank you enough for helping ensure my success in the airline industry.


Scott Murdock



Well, ground school is pretty tough. No surprise though!

I'm so impressed with my fellow cassmates. They are all very smart. I feel like I'm back at the a graduate-level course on "how to fly the CRJ200/700/900" (Of course, CU-Boulder has NO such courses).

The main thing to tell you - THANKS!!! You and AdvancedSim were such a big part of my getting this job. Not only did I get great sim experience with you guys, but I also got a really good perspective on what to expect at an airline interview. Since I'd never been to this sort of interview before, I really neede your input and support.

Well, once again, THANKS SO MUCH

Alan Lester
Senior Instructor and Undergraduate Advisor
Department of Geological Sciences
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309