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Airline interview and simulator preparation

Flight Officer Training Program (FOTP)


To our prospective students;

Thank you for your interest in our new Flight Officer Certificate Program. Our purpose of conducting this course of instruction is to get you hired with an airline! Also, provide relief to a growing problem of immense concern currently being confronted by the regional airline industry, namely, the severe shortage of Qualified Candidates for the First Officer Position.

Upon successful completion of our 7 day program, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion that may be presented with your employment application, to participating airlines, as proof that you possess the necessary confidence, knowledge and skills required to complete the airlines ground and flight training program. This program is a huge advantage for low time pilots trying to break into the airline industry, especially if you did not have the time, money or advantage to attend some of the country’s larger flight training schools with their direct entry programs, all of which can cost well into the high 5 figures and out of the reach of many young pilots. This program will be very useful for those of you separating from the military and needing to get up to speed for civilian flight operations.

The program is opened to pilots who hold an FAA issued Commercial Pilots Certificate with Instrument Rating and Multi-engine Rating. A FAA Class 1 Medical Certificate is required along with a minimum of 250 hours total flight time.

The Flight Officer Certificate Program, designed by experienced, seasoned airline pilots, military flight instructors and top aviation educators, is a new program utilizing the best of ground and simulator instruction that provides upscale training in basic instrument flying, aircraft systems knowledge, crew resource management and situational awareness. These are the areas of concern that are appearing during pilot employment interviews that create the most difficulty. By building on those areas with intense preparation, we can help ensure that the pilot candidate is successful in the hiring process and is not placed in the difficult position of having to withdraw from training because he/she is unable to successfully complete that airlines pilot training program.

Our instructors are current airline Captains with thousands of hours and years of real world experience flying for many of this country’s largest, 121 legacy and regional air carriers. We do not employ any kids right out of flight school taught by the kids in the class ahead of them to instruct our clients.

The curriculum provides an individual with 7 days of intense instruction that includes a complete review in the following areas, Airspace review and Approach Chart reading, Federal Aviation Regulations and Meteorology. We then introduce 25 hours of basic aircraft system knowledge and indoctrination in turboprop and turbojet aircraft systems.

Simulator instruction is conducted in one of our 3 FAA Approved, 3 screen visual Advanced Aviation Training Devices AATD’s configured as a basic jet trainer. Instruction includes 17 hours of normal and emergency procedures, crew resource management, checklist use, aeronautical judgment training, proper radio communications, unusual attitude recovery, emergency scenarios, proper use of weather radar, severe storm avoidance and LOFT line orientated flight training.

Upon successful completion of training, which includes an Instrument Proficiency Check, the graduate will receive our Certificate of Program Completion.

Course Price: $2,995.00 (Financing available on approved credit)

Enrollment in the Flight Officer Certificate Program is easy. Absolutely no obligation. A deposit of $500.00 is required at time of enrollment. Balance is due on the first morning of class. Acceptable methods of payment are Cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card.  We do not accept any checks. We will accept Bank wire transfer.

Need more info, please call us and we will be most happy to discuss are program details with you. Good Luck!