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Airline Interview Quetions You Need to Know

Posted in 2008


What is an actuator?

What is a Volt?

What is an Amp?

What is a Watt?

What is AC power?

What is DC power?

What is an anvil?

What is the advantage of AC power?

What is a circuit breaker and how does it work?

What is a microburst, its lifespan, intensity and visual sign?

What is windshear?

What is a cold front?

What is a stationary front?

What kinds of fog are there and how are they created?

What is the advantage of fuel injection versus carburetor?

What is the difference between carbureted and fuel injection?

What are departure minimums?

What is a VDP and how do you figure it?

What is the difference between a ridge and a through?

What makes a strong front vs. a weak front?

What are the different holding speeds?

What are the ranges for each VOR type?

What is a MOCA, MORA, MEA?

What are the different RVR?

What are the limits of the different classes of airspace?

What are the airspeed limitations through each of the airspaces?

What is an anti-servo tab?

What is a servo tab?

What are all the different lights and their respective abbrev?

What is a generator and how does it work?

What is an alternator and how does it work?

What are the differences between an alternator and a generator?

What is a lead battery?

What is a nicad battery?

What are the differences between lead acid and nicad batteries?

What is a transformer-rectifier?

What is an inverter?

What is a stabilizer?

What is a stabilator?

What are the primary flight controls?

What are the secondary flight controls?

What types of clouds is freezing rain associateed with?

What types of icing are there, which is the worst and why?

What can you expect if there is a big pressure change?

What kind of indications in the cockput will you get if you a microburst?

What does A01 stand for in a METAR?

What is a grid MORA, why is it green, what does it guarantee are the boundaries?

What is a winglet?

What is a fusible tire?

What is the difference between a steady state thunderstorm and airmass thunderstorm?

What do you need to land?

What is a MCA

What is a thermal relief valve?

What do you know about a tornado?

What is sublimation?

What is a transition?

What is an isotach?

What is an isobar?

What is an isotherm?

What is a turboprop?

What is a turbojet?

What is a turbine prop?

What type of engine is the RJ?

What is a frontal wave?

What is the minimum climb gradient when a change in MEA exists?

What is the procedure for takeoff alternate, departure alternate?

What is MSA?

What is adiabatic lapse rate?

What is the generator voltage?

What is tail plane icing?

What is the difference between anti-icing and de-icing equipment?

What is a dutch roll?

What are standard and dry lapse rates?

What are the Santa Anna winds?

What are AIRMET, SIGMET and convective SIGMET?

What are MSA, MCA, MEA etc.?

What airspeed restrictions are associated with class B airspaces?

What about Denver class B which extands to 2,000 feet?

What airspeed restrictions are associated with class C and D airspaces?

What is the duration of class A medical?

What is the most serious situation you have faced piloting ... ?

What is CRM?

What are winglets for?

What is the lip on the nose wheel of some jet aircraft for?

What type of icing are you the most concerned about?

What is the FAF glide slope intercept at a certain altitude?

What does GPS-A, LOC-B mean?

What are class G VFR minimums?

What are the TO and landing IFR regs?

What are the three types of icing?

What is the difference between intake icing and structural icing?

What are the stages of a thunderstorm?

What are the dynamics of a microburst?

What are the factors affecting VMC?

What is the critical engine?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fuel injection?

What is vapor lock?

What is free-turbine?

What do you know about pressurization systems?

What is an outflow valve?


When can you descent and to what altitude, once cleared for a ?

When do you need to start your climb when MEA changes?

When do you use a 3:1 descent?


Where does gyro pressure come from?

Where does electricity come from?

Where does freezing rain come from?

Where do you want the wing to stall first?


Why does a tail stall first with icing?

Why is clear ice so dangerous?

Why does AC need to be changed to DC?

Why is the alternator output 14 volts and the battery only 12?

Why is terrain depicted on some charts and not others?

Why do some turboprops feather at shutdown while others don't?


How are thunderstorms created?

How does a carburetor work?

How does the wind blow in a high pressure region?

How does pressurization work?

How can you figure the base of clouds?

How do you recover from a tail plane stall?

How do you read a PIREP?

How do you read a METAR and TAF?

How would you depart from an airport without a departure procedure?

How long do you have to report a change of address?

How does fuel get to the injectors?

How do you find the MCA and climb per NM?

How do you compute VDP for DME and time?


Talk about the airplane's fuel system

How would TO fuel pressure change if you were at sea level?

If you needed fuel at an airport that only had 80 octane fuel, would you use it? Why or why not?

What is a normal CHT reading in your aircraft?

What are the limits for CHT in your aircraft?

What engine accessories are there?

Talk about your aircraft's electrical system.

What are VLO and VLE, what is the difference?

What is VMC?

What hydraulic systems does your airplane have?

What type of hydraulic fluid is used in your brakes?

Talk about the propeller system.

What makes the propeller go to low-pitch, high-rpm?

What is the source of the bleed air?

What is the gross max weight of your aircraft?


Is an inversion stable or unstable?

Name three turboprop engines

Name three turbofan engines