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Going to an Interview Any Time Soon?

Posted in 2006

Advanced Aviation Simulators offers a professional, cost effective and, affordable way to better prepare you for the tough airline or corporate jet training you are going to have. Give us a call, or email us on any questions you have. We would be happy to go over what the industry is looking for, what they expect of you in the simulator evaluations, written test, and the interview H.R. and technical questions.

We will go over this FREE OF CHARGE to you! Yes, FREE!

A lot of the airline training and airline interview consulting businesses over the internet wants to charge your credit card several hundreds of dollars, before they even will talk with you! In addition, they will charge a whapping $ 65.00 + an hour for their time for the interview prep., $65.00 + an hour for the sim. instruction, plus an additional hourly rate for the simulator! This all gets expensive fast! You know the old saying? “You get what you pay for.” Or, “its aviation so it must be expensive, and my high dollar instructor, is an airline pilot.” Totally not true. It doesn’t have to be that way, and you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it either.

At Advanced Aviation, we don’t give the [ Micki.D’s] fast food of training. Nor do we drag out the time on your wallet. There is no hidden cost, or conditions to pay for third parties. The quality of your training and time is important to us. And yes, we do have airline, corporate and other instructors with many years’ knowledge and experience in the industry. They will provide you with thorough solid training in all your training needs, without breaking the bank.

At Advanced Aviation Simulators, we have many years of airline interview consulting, advanced instrument training, insurance approved programs and other package programs. We are well familiar with the industry! And we do hundreds of airline preps. annually.

Something you need to know.

In the airlines, they are looking for captains, not first officers. The reason I’m bringing this up, is you need to ask yourself a question, how well do you know yourself? Are you prepared? Are you strong on your instrument scan? Are you strong on your situational awareness? How well do you know the HSI, the RMI? Can you calculate descent rate in a jet? Are you current and able to shoot an approach at 180 or 160 knts., with only three miles or less to the final, with flaps and gear down? And, keeping it all stabilized? How well are you on an NDB approach with a stiff crosswind? What about holdings? DME arc’s? VDP’s on non precision approaches? In-flight emergencies?

We hear a lot of sad stories about not being able to handle the high work load, not saying the calls and flows correctly. Not prepared or well trained enough. Washing out before they even get to the airplane. Not getting through I.O.E. A lot of the pilots wished that they came here first, before going to the interview. Instead of getting on passing I.O.E. and building jet or turbine time, they get the dreaded letter “I’m sorry, better luck next time...” With a washout on their record... It’s all about getting through IOE and keeping the CAREER! The rest is all easy. Just remember this, [J.O.B.] is an acronym, it stands for Just over Broke!

Important tip, a good attitude, gives you altitude.