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Modular Flight Deck (MFD)

There is no substitute for flying real aircraft for fun, business or pleasure, however utilization of aircraft for flight training has become a thing of the past. With today’s high cost of fuel, maintenance, insurance and safety issues related to training in the aircraft, the only alternative is to own and operate your own flight training system. The MFD can be seen as economic relief from daily expense and safety issues related to operating aircraft (insurance companies love them).

The MFD is a FAA approved Advanced Aviation Training Device with many logable hours including:

  • Logged Flight Experience - 61.51(b)(3)
  • Instrument Experience - 61.57(c)(1)
  • Instrument Proficiency Check - 61.57(d)(1)(ii)
  • Instrument Rating: Practical Test - 61.65(a)(8)
  • Instrument Rating: maximum 20 hours - 61.65(e)(2)
  • Private Pilot Certificate: maximum 2.5 hours - 61.109(k)(1)
  • Commercial Certificate: maximum 50 hours - 61.129(i)(1)
  • Airline Transport Pilot Certificate: maximum 25 hours - 61.159(a)(3)(i)
  • Approved For Use as Limited by Part 141 Appendices - 141.41(b) (c)

Because of it’s unique design and features the MFD can easily adapt to your flight training requirements. The MFD is offered in several configurations to fit your budget e.g. Desktop Trainer, Open Cockpit or fully Enclosed Cockpit . You can fly single engine, multi-engine and turbo-prop aircraft anywhere, anytime in any fight environment safely and efficiently.

Your MFD can be used for Ab Initio all the way to ATP and can be equipped with advanced avionics like Garmin's GNS430 or GNS530 GPS. Standard features include:

Hi Resolution Flight Instruments · Digital Avionics · Steel and Aluminum Construction · Powder Coated Finish · Aircraft Quality Controls · Hydraulic Dampening · Stainless Steel Cabling · Precision Castings · Durable Fiberglass Shell in an open or enclosed cockpit configuration · Scratch free interior wall protection for easy maintenance · Easy access maintenance /access panels for in house servicing · Digital Edge Card Controller · Backlit Panel Lighting · Ergonomic Panel Configuration · Interchangeable Throttle Quadrants · Elevator Trim (Manual and Electric) · Rudder Trim · Aileron Trim · Intercom System

Instructor’s Operating Station (IOS)

Features include:

  • Keyboard and Mouse Interface · World Wide Navigational Data Base · World Wide Graphic Data Base
  • Weather Controls: Wind · Rain · Turbulence · Time of Day and Season · Clouds and Visibility · Wind Shear
  • System Failures: Electrical · Pneumatic · Hydraulic · Vacuum · Engine Failures · Flight Controls Failures · Avionics Failures · Bird Strike
  • Total Control: Re-position aircraft in air or on ground · Pause · Freeze · Slew · Record and Playback · View Aircraft from inside or outside the aircraft
  • In-Flight Controls: Airspeed · Altitude · Heading · Air Traffic · Birds Strike

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