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Prepare for Key Lime Air's Sim Eval With Us

Come and see us before your Key Lime sim eval. We can prepare you for a successful evaluation by exposing you to engine failures in some of the most difficult situations, by exposing you to a thorough use of the IFR system, and by exposing you to various instrument approach scenarios. If you are a little weak in any area, we can get the rust off and increase your skills in a short amount of time. Sim packages start as low as $39/hr for a 10-hour block and are discounted the-more-you-buy, or you can simply pay a slightly higher rate and fly by the hour.

Here’s what some of out Key Lime Air candidates have said:

I just wanted to say thanks Lisa! Your instructor was brilliant. I had no idea my skills were lacking that much. I never had the opportunity to practice some of the complex situations he put me in when I was getting my instrument rating or my multi-engine rating because of the cost and safety. Plus, I’m starting to see that my original instructor may not have known how to teach this stuff thoroughly because he is a young guy with very little experience. I feel so much more confident in my interviewing and in my flying. I will come back and see you on a regular basis just for my own desire to keep increasing my flying skills. I would recommend you to anyone.

M Smith